Arthur L. DeVolder Collection of Guadalupe Victoria Materials, 1972-1982
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1882-1842; 1971-1982. Collection of research materials used by DeVolder in writing his book, Guadalupe Victoria: His Role in Mexican Independence. It consists of xeroxed excerpts of many of the items in the bibliography, notably Mexican documents from 1822-1842, also microfilm, clippings, book manuscripts, galleys and photographs, and correspondence with libraries and publishers. 5.7 linear feet.

The Arthur L. DeVolder Collection of Guadalupe Victoria Materials

The collection consists principally of the research materials which Arthur L. DeVolder, the Special Projects Directorat the University of New Mexico's General Library, gathered for his book Guadalupe Victoria's Role in Mexican Independence . This book was published in 1978 by Arcraft Studios, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Guadalupe Victoria was the assumed name of Miguel Fernández Félix, the first president of Mexico, 1824-1929. Also included in the collection are correspondence, 1972 and 1978 manuscript versions of the book, negatives and photographs used in the book, clippings, galleys for the off-set printing of the book, and a copy of the published book.

Primary in importance are the xeroxed excerpts or complete copies of nearly all the items in the bibliography. Contained in two 5 X 8 boxes (Boxes 1 and 2), plus four folders in Box 3, these items follow the arrangement of the bibliography, which is divided into the following eight sections. 1. Books, memoirs and Diaries 2. Bibliographies 3. Broadsides, Publications and Manifestos of Guadalupe Victoria 4. Broadsides, Pamphlets and Miscellany 5. Documents Mexico 6. Selected letters 7. Manuscripts 8. Periodical References. A copy of the bibliography begins on printed page 5 of this guide. Symbols indicate what type of materials are in the collection: * = xeroxed excerpts, # = typed notes, + = handwritten notes or excerpts, . = bibliographical entry only, and 0 = no material at all. Approximately 2O0 additional bibliographical cards are found at the end of Box 2.

Other research material includes three reels of microfilm (Box 4) and miscellaneous papers on Guadalupe Victoria (Box 3 Folder 7). Two of the reels of microfilm are documents in the British Museum. See the list of the contents of these reels on printed page 15 of this guide. The other reel is of Notes from the Mexican Legation in the United States to the Department of State 1821-1906 Roll 1 Vol. 1-2, Nov. 30, 1821-Dec. 11, 1835 and is a duplicate of fMIC 934 and 769 in the Latin American Library collection.

Correspondence which dates from 1971 to 1978 is in Box 3 Folder 5. Much of it consists of letters to and from various libraries concerning DeVolder's requests for copies of documents. More interesting are the letters which deal with the consideration of DeVolder's manuscript for possible publication by the university presses of New Mexico and Arizona. Detailed constructive criticism is offered and the manuscript is ultimately rejected.

Additional material on Guadalupe Victoria gathered after the publication of the book is included. It consists of newspaper clippings from Excelsior of Mexico City, 1981-1982. (Box 3 Folder 6).

There are three manuscript versions of the book (Box 4), two dated 1972 which are bound and one dated 1978. Photographs used in the book along with captions, negatives, the final 1978 version which went to the printers, and the photographic galleys of the entire book, as well as a copy of the printed book are contained in Box 5.

The original donation included two additional books:

Coleccion de documentos historicos mexicanos, formada por orden del c. Subsecretario de Guerra y Marina con acuerdo del c. presidente constitucional de la republica ...

Guadalupe Victoria, Primer Presidente de México

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Record Series Number: Manuscripts/Collection 69
Created by: Arthur L. DeVolder (1918-2008)
Volume: 5.0 Box(es)
Acquired: 02/01/1985.
Arrangement: 5 Hollinger boxes